Faythe Reclaimed (Hanaford Park #3)

A curse had been put on Gabriel so that he would know nothing but pain and sorrow. Fathye, his soul mate,had been hanged along with several other innocents during the Salem Witch Trials and though he was a powerful warlock he had been unable to save her. At the loss of his beloved Faythe Gabriel has survived the past 3 hundred years in an emotional vacuum. Until Taylor…

Taylor, a girl of our time, has come to accept that supernatural beings do exist. Smart, sexy and savvy, she is at once out of her depth when she is sent back in time 3 centuries, back to Salem, back to the Witch Trials. If only she could remember who she was and why she was walking around in the dead of night in a creepy forest. The deja vu feelings she is having are not helping nor is the pain from the wound on her head!

Suddenly it all makes horrible sense to Gabriel…the beautiful outcast Faythe, from 3 centuries ago is actually the 20th century Taylor! This time though Gabriel vows to protect Taylor/Faythe even if it costs him his eternal life.

While this is book 3 in the Hanaford Park series it is a great stand alone novel (I myself have not yet read books 1 and 2 but would very much like to). I was, I admit, expecting a little supernatural, witches and warlocks romance novel with a hopefully well written story and interesting characters. What it is is so much more!

A humorous, well scripted novel involving found, then lost, love; witches and warlocks; time travel and a way of looking at the Salem Witch Trials that makes you go hmmm. The characters are quirky, humorous, likable and believable. The storyline is well paced and interesting and definitely has some twists to it.

I received my copy through the GoodReads FirstReads program and my review was unsolicited.



Freak by Jennifer Hillier Review

FREAK – any abnormal phenomenon or product or unusual object; anomaly; aberration.

Abby Maddox was Ethan Wolfe’s long term girlfriend. She has always claimed she had no idea that Ethan was a serial killer. After Ethan was exposed as a serial killer, Abby went on the run. Several weeks later she was picked up by the police. Cornered, she sliced Jerry’s throat with the idea of getting away. She claims not to remember actually using the knife on him but swears it was self defense. Abby is serving her second year of a nine year sentence for the attempted murder of Jerry Isaac.

Dr. Sheila Tao, a psychology professor at Puget Sound State University, was in a serious relationship with Morris Gardner. Ethan Wolfe was her student and she had been having an affair with him for a few months. At first she had had no idea that the young lover she had taken was in actuality the Tell-Tale Heart killer, Seattle’s notorious serial killer. She managed to survive being a prisoner of his for 3 weeks, and now, a year later, she and Morris have worked on their relationship and are discussing marriage.

When retired Seattle PD detective Jerry Isaac is asked by his old partner to meet him at the Sweet Chariot Inn he didn’t argue. After viewing the dead and mutilated body of what was once a beautiful, vibrant young woman Jerry can’t figure out what her murder has to do with him, or why he was even there.

Abby Maddox claims to know something about this newest homicide but wants certain concessions to her prison sentence and will only speak with Sheila Tao and Jerry Isaac.

Is this the start of another serial killer, one looking for Abby Maddox’s approval? Is Abby telling all she knows about the murder or is she holding something back?

A gripping, chilling thriller that will hold your attention and make it very difficult to put down.  Just when you think you have things figured out something unexpected happens and it twists another way. Great characters, smooth suspenseful story and enough happening to keep you intrigued. Some may find it too graphic, I myself thought it worked extremely well with the story.

I received my copy through GoodReads FirstReads program and my review was unsolicited.


Long After Midnight Review

February 22, 2013

Long After Midnight

Long After Midnight by Iris Johansen Review

Dr. Kate Denby has almost everything she could hope for…a wonderful son, a challenging career that allows her time to pursue her love of research, a good relationship with her ex-husband Micheal and the ongoing support of her mother-in-law Phyllis.  So when Noah Smith continues to contact her both at home and at work to try to get her to come to work for him, she keeps turning him down.  She has no interest in changing her job, her home and her life.

Suddenly, Kate Denby’s neat orderly life is in a whirling tailspin as Noah Smith, accused of blowing up his pharmaceutical lad and killing almost 100 people, is listed as dead. Her life continues to spin out of control as people around her get hurt or die. Feeling out of her depth and out of control, she grabs a lifeline that is thrown to her from beyond the grave. But will this be her salvation or her undoing?

Racing against the clock to finish testing on a revolutionary drug, the clock is quickly running out of time…

While this book was written several years ago, it holds up well. There is little that dates this book, the characters are well written and believable and the story moves along fairly quickly though there were some spots that I found to drag on. My biggest problem with this novel is that well the storyline has changed, as have the characters names, it is the exact formula as several of her other novels. And well she does do this kind of writing well, this novel was just a little bit slower to move along than some of the others.

A 3 out of 5 stars.

Charmeine (The Light-Bearer, #1)

Originally reviewed in May, 2012

I started following http://emilyguido.com/ She is the author of Charmeine, the first book in the new Light Bearer Series. Everyday I would impatiently check my email waiting for another excerpt from her book Charmeine. When I found out that the next book in the series is going to be released soon, I decided that I needed to read the entire book, not just the snippets. So I purchased my copy (first book I’ve bought in ages) and started to read…

In Heaven, Charmeine and Tabbruis are worried. Charmeine, an Angel of Harmony, has a mission to provide harmony and peace in times of trouble. Lately she feels a serious drain on her power and her ability to provide harmony was lessening daily. Tabbruis is the Angel of Self-Determination and is several levels higher than Charmeine. He allows us to use our free will and inspires us to think of new ways to do things. He must help an Archangel to have conviction in his beliefs and will therefore be unavailable to the family for most of the day. They are waiting to hear what the Prophecy will bring but neither believes it will be good news.

We then go back, back to a time before Tabbruis and Charmeine have met. When Tabbruis used another name and Charmeine had no idea who she really was or what her real name was. Back before love had finally made them complete.Tabbruis is a Blood Drinker, a vampire. He believes his destiny is to walk earth always in need of blood. Human blood is best, but Tabbruis has learned to use wild animal blood instead to curb his craving. He can go out in sunlight, but prefers the darkness, he seldom sleeps, he is very wealthy and very handsome. People usually bend to his will with little or no problem. He prefers to be alone. The sound, the smell and the action of the sea calms him.

Charleen has beautiful brown eyes and a very sweet nature. Summer is her favorite time of year, she loves the feel of sun on her skin. She learned Judo so she will never be a victim. She has never really dated and has never really been attracted to any man, and she has no interest in finding out why. She tries to tell herself she is happy but she knows that really she wants a man in her life, someone to share with. Charleen loves to go and watch the waves at the sea-shore. it’s very peaceful.Tabbruis and Charleen meet. They stare deep into each others eyes and they know. They have found the other half of themselves.

But will it be enough to overcome all the obstacles both known and unknown in their paths? Can there be happiness between two such different creatures?I am very satisfied with this story. There were many things to like such as vampires, the supernatural, action scenes, good characters who throughout the book evolve and a very emotional romance involving two people of different races/cultures.

I did at times feel the writing was a little stilted (the kindle edition needs some editing) and that did affect the flow of the story.

Overall, this is a great read, and a terrific debut novel for Emily Guido!

I look forward to the next book in the series.

A Thousand Bayonets Review

February 21, 2013

A Thousand Bayonets

A Thousand Bayonets

by Joel Mark Harris (

A Thousand Bayonets Review (original review posted on June 27, 2012)

A Thousand Bayonets by Joel Mark Harris

John Webster is a handsome, broad shouldered experienced reporter, once stationed in Baghdad where he witnessed a bombing that killed and injured several people. While following the story he was shot in the leg.  He is now a reporter for the Vancouver Daily Globe.

Upon receiving a lead from his source, Webster is hopeful of learning more about the ongoing war between factions in Vancouver. Webster witnesses the shooting of 5 members of the Heart gang including Kenneth Dzyinski, the big boss; Anthony Hewson, Ken’s right hand man; and 3 lower level members. They were gunned down by 2 unknown masked gunmen. John has recorded the meeting with a small voice recorder and after talking to the police, he realizes he is the only witness.

Detective Wiltore and Detective Tamara Lewis are partners with the Vancouver Police and are investigating the shooting deaths of the 5 Heart gang members. With no solid leads or forensic evidence to help except the .45 ACP cartridges that the gunmen used, they are looking for Webster to go over what he saw again. Webster is no where to be found, and his editor Charlie isn’t being very helpful.

Webster has good instincts, honed by his time in Afghanistan and other Middle Eastern countries. He’s pretty sure he’s being followed and when Charlie tells him he’s received a subpena to surrender his records to the police, Webster goes into hiding. He has to figure out who was behind the shooting before those people get him first.

After contacting a woman whom he met at Ken Dyzyinski’s funeral, John has to try and make a quick getaway. Waking in the hospital, he knows its time to get to the bottom of this mess, before he losses his life. Webster doesn’t know who he can trust, but he’s got good instincts and its his life on the line.

A great read, it will keep you turning the pages. The author describes the city of Vancouver with all of its diversity beautifully. The characters are very believable, with John Webster being a man of integrity, haunted by past events.

I won my copy on Goodreads and my review was unsolicited.


What I’m reading now…

February 21, 2013

Cover of "Long After Midnight"

Cover of Long After Midnight

I have enjoyed Iris Johansen‘s work for a long time now….and no I’m not going to say how many!  I came across the novel Long After Midnight and was thrilled to realize I hadn’t read it yet. I’m about half way through and her writing is as gripping as usual. I should be finished in the next couple of days and will post my review. I know that this book has been out for several years but I still like to give my 2 bits worth about older books.

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