Long After Midnight Review

February 22, 2013

Long After Midnight

Long After Midnight by Iris Johansen Review

Dr. Kate Denby has almost everything she could hope for…a wonderful son, a challenging career that allows her time to pursue her love of research, a good relationship with her ex-husband Micheal and the ongoing support of her mother-in-law Phyllis.  So when Noah Smith continues to contact her both at home and at work to try to get her to come to work for him, she keeps turning him down.  She has no interest in changing her job, her home and her life.

Suddenly, Kate Denby’s neat orderly life is in a whirling tailspin as Noah Smith, accused of blowing up his pharmaceutical lad and killing almost 100 people, is listed as dead. Her life continues to spin out of control as people around her get hurt or die. Feeling out of her depth and out of control, she grabs a lifeline that is thrown to her from beyond the grave. But will this be her salvation or her undoing?

Racing against the clock to finish testing on a revolutionary drug, the clock is quickly running out of time…

While this book was written several years ago, it holds up well. There is little that dates this book, the characters are well written and believable and the story moves along fairly quickly though there were some spots that I found to drag on. My biggest problem with this novel is that well the storyline has changed, as have the characters names, it is the exact formula as several of her other novels. And well she does do this kind of writing well, this novel was just a little bit slower to move along than some of the others.

A 3 out of 5 stars.


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