Fathye Reclaimed by Lisa Sanchez Review

February 27, 2013

Faythe Reclaimed (Hanaford Park #3)

A curse had been put on Gabriel so that he would know nothing but pain and sorrow. Fathye, his soul mate,had been hanged along with several other innocents during the Salem Witch Trials and though he was a powerful warlock he had been unable to save her. At the loss of his beloved Faythe Gabriel has survived the past 3 hundred years in an emotional vacuum. Until Taylor…

Taylor, a girl of our time, has come to accept that supernatural beings do exist. Smart, sexy and savvy, she is at once out of her depth when she is sent back in time 3 centuries, back to Salem, back to the Witch Trials. If only she could remember who she was and why she was walking around in the dead of night in a creepy forest. The deja vu feelings she is having are not helping nor is the pain from the wound on her head!

Suddenly it all makes horrible sense to Gabriel…the beautiful outcast Faythe, from 3 centuries ago is actually the 20th century Taylor! This time though Gabriel vows to protect Taylor/Faythe even if it costs him his eternal life.

While this is book 3 in the Hanaford Park series it is a great stand alone novel (I myself have not yet read books 1 and 2 but would very much like to). I was, I admit, expecting a little supernatural, witches and warlocks romance novel with a hopefully well written story and interesting characters. What it is is so much more!

A humorous, well scripted novel involving found, then lost, love; witches and warlocks; time travel and a way of looking at the Salem Witch Trials that makes you go hmmm. The characters are quirky, humorous, likable and believable. The storyline is well paced and interesting and definitely has some twists to it.

I received my copy through the GoodReads FirstReads program and my review was unsolicited.


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