Creeping with the Enemy Review

March 2, 2013

Creeping With the Enemy (Langdon Prep #2)

Creeping With the Enemy by Kimberly Reid Review

When you combine the sleuthing ability of Nancy Drew, the nosiness of Donna Parker and add in a undercover cop for a mom, a friend who is definitely not what she seems and the ongoing daily strife of being a poor scholarship student at prestigious Langdon Prep, you come up with Chanti, the heroine of Creeping with the Enemy.

Chanti’s only been in Langdon Prep for a short time but trouble has already found her more than once. The guy she likes, Marco, has been told in no uncertain terms that he is NOT to date or just plain not to have anything to do with Chanti, and it wasn’t even her fault! They text each other and try to spend some time at school together but it seems there is always someone watching. Bethanie, whose parents are very strange and of all things call her E for short, is her only friend at Langdon Prep but Chanti already knows she’s not who she says she is. Chanti can’t help but snoop when she is in Bethanie’s room and there are some things there that just don’t add up.

As if this and the new school aren’t enough, the new guy, Cole, with no last name, suddenly shows up and saves Bethanie not once but twice. Chanti’s sure there is something not right with this guy but can’t get anyone to listen. Is he just a nice guy like Bethanie claims or is there something more sinister going on.

With Marco angry at her, her mom questioning her every move and ,Chanti’s sure, lying about the phone calls, problems at school and in her low income neighborhood maybe she should back off on Cole, trust Bethanie’s judgement and let it go.
With things heating up and people disappearing, its up to Chanti to dig deep and find out whats going on before someone gets hurt!

I enjoyed this novel alot. I was a big fan of Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Donna Parker etc. growing up and its great to see a new generation of teen sleuths come along to draw in the young readers. Now I am reviewing this for the young 10 – 16 age range, not for adults. The characters were terrific, varied and definitely 3 dimensional. Good kids who try hard but sometimes they do the wrong thing, but they take responsibility for it. A storyline that has a good flow, some twists and turns and a few surprises. Its nice that some of the characters from the first in the series are also in this novel. Very real situations but nothing graphic. I would definitely recommend this one to any young readers I know.

I received this book through GoodReads FirstReads and my review was unsolicited.



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