Someone Bad and Something Blue by Miranda Parker Review

March 3, 2013

Someone Bad and Something Blue

Angel Crawford, former reporter for the Atlanta Sentinel, became a bail recovery agent for a number of reasons. First she needed job (she discovered it wasn’t always the wisest thing to quit a job without having a backup plan) and then when she discovered she was pregnant, she needed one with the kind of flexibility of hours that a recovery agent has. Plus no one else offered her one!

With her daughter in kindergarten, the man that she likes, Pastor Justus Morgan finally asking her for a date and what looks to be an easy recovery on her hands, the unexpected happens! After a blow to the head from a woman she only wanted to ask a question or 2 too, she is in the hospital getting stitches. To her surprise her boss Tiger won’t back her up and insists that he will deal with the problem and that she must go on vacation. A paid vacation where she can finally work on the private investigator license that she has decided she wants. Eventually agreeing to taking the vacation, she didn’t agree to stop trying to talk to the woman who hit her, nor to find out what people, including her boss are trying to hide from her.

Being a single mom with a daughter who needs her, a new boyfriend, a friend’s wedding  and her PI studies, Angel still has time to look into the woman, and the man who paid her. The more she looks, the more she finds, this is not going to be an easy fix. But Angel has never feared to tread where she is not wanted, not when it means getting to the truth.

I had a few issues with this novel. It seemed disjointed at times and hard to follow. The characters themselves where interesting, humorous and believable, the storyline a little too convoluted and unbelievable at times. I have wondered if perhaps I had read the first book in the series, A Good Excuse to be Bad, if that would have made it a little easier to follow. The flow was off a little at times as well, bounced around a little too much for me. A good read, I  will definitely read the next Angel Crawford novel.

I won this copy on GoodReads FirstReads and my review was unsolicited.


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