Oak Island Revenge Review

March 8, 2013

Oak Island Revenge

Oak Island Revenge by Cynthia D’Entremont Review

Oak Island lies off the shore of Nova Scotia, close to the little town of Western Shore. Famous for the still missing pirates treasure rumored to be buried on Oak Island, most of the boys of the area have spent time searching for the treasure despite being forbidden to go there, including Jonah and his friend Beaz.

Jonah has decided that this summer is going to be different! In the two years since his older brother passed away, his mom has barely let him out of her sight. He and Beaz have found an old abandoned row boat that they have carefully patched up. They are finally going to dig for treasure out on Oak Island!

With the disappearances of their school teacher and one of the older female students, Jonah and Beaz’s summer just got a lot more interesting.Jonah knows more than he’s saying but is working hard to make sure that he doesn’t actually lie to his parents.

He’s growing up and having to make decisions about how much honesty is best and when to keep his suspicions to himself.

Jonah doesn’t realize that what he knows could change people’s lives forever, and not always in a good way.

An interesting coming of age mystery novel set in a beautifully described 1958 small Nova Scotian town. The characters are well written, the interaction between characters is at times amusing and very believable. It reads like a dark version of an old Hardy Boys book. Great read for the 10 to 15 age group.

I received my copy through GoodReads FirstReads and my review was unsolicited.



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