Rise Up by C.S. Fuqua Review

March 22, 2013

Rise Up


Rise Up is a mixed bag collection of 24 short stories by C.S. Fuqua. The stories include the sci-fi fantasies of Time Now, All the Brave Soldiers and Big Daddy’s Fast-Past Gadget; the supernatural thrillers Demons and  Sand;  family themed story Sibling Rivalry and my 2 personal favorites Luau and DTs.

Each story is scripted in such a way to draw you into the story right away and keep your interest until the sometimes surprising end.

I have always enjoyed short story collections and this one does not disappoint. Well worth reading! Some of my favorites include:

All the Brave Soldiers:    Medical advancements aren’t always a cool thing.

The Pinpoint Tune:  Practical joker meets practical nurse

Time Now:  How many times would you change the past to change the future?

The Tenor’s Wife:  Obesity can shorten a life, though not in the ‘weigh’ you think.

Big Daddy’s Fast-Past Gadget:  A gadget after my own heart (or car)

Demons:  Finding the demon inside can sometimes set you free

Luau:  A tasty introduction to a native party

Rise Up:  Music can change emotions and feelings, among other things, if done correctly



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