A Midsummer Night’s Demom by Brenda Sparks Review

March 27, 2013

A Midsummer Night's Demon

A long career with the agency had Ky Robinson’s abilities honed to a titanium point. He was tops in his field, usually working with his partner Tarina, in rounding up and eliminating the rogue debauchee, a vampire who clings to the old ways of obtaining blood. This time though Ky is on his own.

Tracking the rogue vampire to a seedy bar, Ky finds more than he bargainfor. with only moments to spare he saves the debauchee’s intended victim but loses the rogue. While tending to the victim Daelyn, Ky believes he has found his heartmate, his other half who completed him body and soul.

As Ky and Daelyn work toward finding the debauchee who is still at large, they are also trying to find their way with each other. With very different backgrounds and seemingly insurmountable problems surrounding them can they find the rogue and put a stop to his cruelty while at the same time finding each other?

A quick , enjoyable read, more a novella size than a full novel. Plenty of action, good characters and an engaging story helped though it did seem to lag in a few spots for me.


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