Naebody’s Fool by Mark Wilson Review

March 29, 2013

Naebody's Hero

Rob Hamilton was a normal 10 year old boy in 1980’s Bellshill. Along with his twin sister Cara he had the usual childhood experiences including some very strange dreams. He did though feel somewhat disconnected from other people but had learned to hide it well. Aside from his sister, Rob really only connected with his best friend Tom. It had hurt much more than he let on when Tom had to move away from Bellshill. Even worse though was waking up one morning to discover his parents had abandoned both he and his sister. So starts the long journey of Rob Hamiliton’s adolescence and the discoveries of what can and what is possible in his life.

Arif Ali was born in Westminster West London Hospital to loving parents Mimi and Azam Ali. Arif’s mother is a doctor at the same hospital where he was born and his father owns and runs a little shop in Battersea. Azam goes through life with rose colored glasses on and a serene disposition. Nothing seems to faze him. Arif wishes he could be more like his father but as he grows up he starts to feel that his father is wrong and that there are times when you must fight for what yu believe in. He begs his parents to allow him to go to Pakistan to live with family for a short time so he can get to know all his relatives. What his parents don’t know is that he has begun to listen more and more to more extreme religious doctrine and that that is his true interest. Will family love or extreme religious doctrine rule Arif’s life?

Kim Baker is a hunter of terrorists for the Counter Terrorist Agency (CTA). In 1974 Kim’s husband Dave and their infant son Scott were lost when a terrorist bomb went off and destroyed the plane and all the people who were on the flight. When you lose the 2 people you love beyond all others to a terrorist’s bomb, it is easy to push everything else aside. Its been 10 years since the bombing but catching terrorists consumes her every waking moment and invades every one of her dreams. She no longer has any interest or time in anything or anybody that doesn’t have to do with her job.

When the paths of these three very diverse people cross it will change all their lives and the course of history.

Set over several years, the author weaves together three divergent stories into one cohesive climax. With some surprising situations, hair raising twists ,unexpected turns and a sprinkle of unusual powers there is a little bit of everything for everyone. At times I found that the storylines bounced a little too much and was at times a bit confusing. A solid novel if you are looking for an ordinary boy facing extraordinary choices and discovering superhero powers. Also great for all who enjoy comics and graphic novels.

I received my copy of Naebody’s Hero from the author in exchange for my honest review.


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