Johnny’s Ripple by Claude Limberger Review

April 11, 2013

Johnny's Ripple

Johnny Twigum is in many ways your typical 11 year old boy. He has a couple of very good friends and does well at school. He has an older sister Jenny and a younger brother Josh. His parents, Margaret and Jonathon, love all 3 of their children very much. Jonathon’s job takes him out of the country and away from his family a lot, although they have all learned to deal with it. There is one thing that is different about Johnny, he always seems to know what other people feel and think. He doesn’t know if it is instinct or something different but he knows other people don’t share that ability.

When news arrives that Jonathon was killed while working overseas, it devastates the family. Johnny’s uncle Robert shows up at Johnny’s birthday party but says he is leaving and he doesn’t know if he will see them again. Johnny knows something is wrong, but he has never been able to read his uncle Robert, not like he does other people.

After an evil wraith materializes when Johnny is upset and then a friendly gnome arrives shortly afterward, Johnny knows his life is about to get much, much stranger. Forced by circumstances to leave their home, Johnny and his family take off, telling no one where they are going. With the strange little gnome and a new friend named Claude to help them the family is on their way. Where they are going and what will happen to them is all up in the air.

This book was difficult for me to really get into. With so many of the characters having names that start with J (there are 2 Jennifers, Johnny, Johnathan, and Jarvis) and 2 Garys it was hard to keep all the characters straight. And while the story was well written, I couldn’t figure out if it was a book for the YA crowd or if it was an underwritten (not really sure how to say that correctly) adult story. Also I am the least technological person you would possibly ever meet and I had a tough time with the long scientific explanations.

I am giving this novel 2 stars simply because it was well written and I really appreciate the work that went into this book.

I received my copy through LibraryThing and my review was unsolicited.



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