Vegas Was Her Name
WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS, STAYS IN VEGAS…unless Vegas was her name!

Michael Harris- Chief Executive Officer- for Bio Algorithms is on fire! Handsome, young, married with 2 kids and realizing his dream of running his own company is fantastic. Being invited to be the keynote speaker at the Las Vegas Technological Expo is the feather in his cap and finally, finally he can show off his ultimate creation Venus!

Venus is absolutely incredible. She can give you an answer to most questions about anything just by utilizing a few seconds of time looking someone over. She thinks faster than 20 computers linked together and to top it all of she’s gorgeous and has a sense of humor.

Even with top notch, layer upon layer security measures in place, Michael still worries about Venus being stolen from him. This 4 day conference in Sin City should bring him some much needed investors and contacts. He doesn’t like being away from his family but as he tells his wife, “this is for our retirement”.

After Michael’s speech, he meets several people, among them are Rachel, a beautiful mysterious woman who heard his speech; the mayor of Vegas and Jack, a financial adviser from Ohio. Michael heads back to his hotel room but can’t seem to settle down.

Lonely after talking to his wife on the phone, and too keyed up with the success of his opening speech, Michael makes a call, one that will change his life and the lives of everyone he holds dear.

I love a good twisty, turny mystery filled with handsome men, gorgeous, seductive women and a good, solid  plot with a few sub plots that all tie in together and make this an extremely entertaining, quick read!

I received my copy through the author and my review was unsolicited.

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