May 13, 2013

Get Ready for War (Hollywood High #2)

From the opening scenes to the closing lines, Get Ready for War is a study of cliches and stereotypes the likes of which I don’t believe I have ever seen before in one book! I was so sadly disappointed with the writing and the characters. But by far the worst thing to me was all the negative African American stereotypes this book offered up.

London, Heather (Wu-Wu to her fans), Rich and Spencer are the Pampered Princesses of Hollywood High Academy. The four frenemies have been toppled from their lofty position and are all falling faster and faster with no stop sign in sight.

London is trying to find her girls but instead finds a group of younger girls sitting at the Pampered Princess’ table in the cafeteria. After a wordy confrontation, London is compelled to start a brawl with the young girls, the whole while thinking that is only Heather, Rich and Spencer could handle their own drama, this wouldn’t be happening.

While London is fighting for her and the rest of the Pampered Princess’  money given rights to be the head clique in their school, Heather, Rich and Spencer are off fighting their own battles that include pregnancy, pill addiction, two timing boyfriends as well as parental problems.

Can London, Rich, Spencer and Heather pull themselves and their friendship together enough to pull themselves out of the downward spiral they find themselves in or will they end up at the bottom of the loser pile?

I felt the characters all lacked something, they all seemed very one dimensional. After reading so many negative things about each of the four lead characters (London, Rich, Heather and Spencer) I found it hard to find anything good about any of them or any of the other characters mentioned in the book. None stood out in any way and I just felt indifferent toward them all.

The storyline was one that has been covered many times before and there was nothing here that made it stand out. It was horribly predictable and there were no surprises.

What was much worse than the unsympathetic, one dimensional characters and the very slowwww moving, predictable plot, were all the negative stereotypes that were mentioned over and over again. And yes, I keep mentioning them simply because I was so thoroughly disgusted with them! This is not a novel I would recommend to anyone!

I received my copy through LibraryThing and my review was unsolicited.



Elusive (On The Run, #1)

Elusive (Book 1 On the Run Series) by Sara Rosett Review

Zoe has always been a free spirit, preferring to take chances instead of always doing the safe thing. Thanks to her aunt though, she has always valued owning property. Its one of the only long term responsibilities she has. When Zoe and her husband Jack divorced, the housing market was at its lowest point in years. Instead of losing money by selling the house they shared, they instead both still live in it, Jack has the upstairs and the front door and Zoe has the main floor and the back door. Its not ideal, but they’ve worked hard at ignoring each other and have so far made it work. It helps that Jack is sooo very predictable, down to what time he showers after his mid day run.

Zoe spends her time doing copy editing from her house as well as a variety of odd jobs to make ends meet. She is so not the 9 to 5 kind of gal even though it would surely help her out of her financial problems. She’d rather walk the neighbor’s dog than clock in and out of the county office where her good friend Helen works.

Jack is partners in a small start up business GNR, Green Recyclable Servies, with Connor, a man that Zoe can’t stand. Connor takes care of all the accounts and lately things have been moving fast. GNR is on the fast track to becoming one of the fastest growing new companies, with very impressive increases in their market value.

Jack walks into his office and the first thing he notes is a banking error…not just a small error but a millions of dollars error. And to make matters even worse, his gun, the gun that no one, not even Zoe, knows about is sitting on his paperwork. He realizes suddenly just how quiet the office is and goes to check things out….

Zoe is shocked and upset when the local police show up at her door looking for Jack, or any information she may have about him. They think he fell in a river during a storm and was swept away. As the police are looking for his body, Zoe goes to GNR to let Connor know what is going on.

Suddenly, everything that Zoe thinks she knows has been swept away. Left reeling, she takes off on what will turn out to be the ride of her life.

An entertaining tale with a great storyline, good characters a touch of humor and plenty of action. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

I received my copy through LibraryThing Giveaway and my review was unsolicited.

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